5 Ways to Help Your Dog Live a Longer, Happier Life

We all would like our dogs might live forever. Luckily, there ar some straightforward stuff you will do to convey your loved one pup the most effective probability at a protracted and healthy life. 

We’re sharing the most effective ways in which to assist shield your dog’s well-being, from sweat his body and brain to providing the correct nutrients permanently health.

5 Ways to Help Your Dog Live a Longer, Happier Life

1. Watch His Diet

Being overweight will cause many different health issues in dogs. Feeding your dog the correct diet is important to dominant his weight. Before you create any changes, sit down with your medico to settle on the most effective food for your pet, taking into thought his size, weight, age, activity level and overall health. Your vet might advocate one thing like Milk-Bone ® greeting ® Daily nourishment Treats, that contain a specially developed mix of nutrients not generally found in most dog foods. These useful nutrients will facilitate promote your dog's well-being by supporting his system, brain, heart and digestion. Of course, you will need to form positive you are not alimentation him treats. Treats shouldn't exceed ten % of your dog's daily caloric intake. 

Some veterinarians conjointly recommend a food or supplement developed for older dogs — several of those contain higher levels of antioxidants and glucosamine to assist fight inflammation and maintain joint operate in dogs with inflammatory disease.

You should feed your dog at regular mealtimes instead of having food obtainable to him all the time and certify members of the family aren’t concealed him too several treats or table scraps. Those calories add up quickly. 

2. Use Food Puzzles

Stimulating your dog’s brain is differently to assist keep him young. a way to try to to this is often by feeding him meals in numerous food puzzles that may be turned on an everyday basis to forestall ennui — and so facilitate keep him out of bother.

Food puzzles will have interaction your dog’s searching instinct, encourage physical activity and work his brain. These puzzles, that are available several shapes and sizes, conjointly facilitate forestall dogs from uptake too quick. 

You can keep things super straightforward by activity bits of kibble within the house or yard; stuffing a rubber Kong contemplate treats that the dog must work to urge to; or upping the ante with trickier interactive toys that need dogs to maneuver blocks, spin discs or run through multiple layers to urge their reward, writes Dr. Marty Becker. He says his own pets frequently eat their meals out of food puzzles.

Even though today’s pets ar “born retired,” Dr. Becker writes, by engaging him with tasteful treats, your dog can doubtless surprise you with however quickly he will decipher the puzzle. 

3. provide Him Regular Exercise

Much like humans, dogs conjointly would like regular exercise to assist maintain a healthy weight. sweat releases healthy endorphins and reduces stress hormones like hydrocortisone, writes Dr. Becker. obtaining an opportunity to explore on the far side the acquainted conjointly stimulates your dog's mind. so there’s the additional obvious effect: staying fit! 

Assuming you and your medico agree that your dog is up thereto, you'll continue together with his regular walks, journeys to the dog park and enjoying fetch well into his senior years. several older pooches still get pleasure from a slow stroll, a ride during a wagon or hydropathy for those with painful joints.

Even once the weather is dangerous, there ar lots of ways in which to stay your dog active inside, like enjoying fetch with a soft toy or a creating time for alittle tug of war. 

4. Teach Him New Tricks

In addition to his body, your dog’s brain desires regular exercise to remain healthy, Dr. Becker writes — and coaching doesn’t stop once your dog leaves puppyhood. Even dogs United Nations agency ar already well-behaved will learn and follow new tricks to challenge their minds.

Challenging him with a scent game is another fun possibility. you'll train him to look your home for a hidden treat, or turn over 2 containers and teach her to smell out that one is activity a treat. These ar simply some of the many games trainer Mikkel Becker recommends to assist keep your dog young and active. 

For aging dogs, it should be useful to coach them to try to to things which may keep them safer or create life easier for them, like sporting nonslippery booties round the house or learning to run up a ramp. Your vet can also advocate a nourishment treat like Milk-Bone ® greeting ® Daily nourishment Treats - Healthy Aging with useful antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acid fatty acids to support brain health. 

5. Get Him Preventive Care

Taking your dog sure regular checkups together with his medico may facilitate catch health issues earlier, that might then improve his prognosis. As your dog ages, he'll doubtless have to be compelled to be seen by the vet additional typically. Most vets advocate associate degree communication doubly a year for seniors, even though they seem healthy. 

Regular, at-home preventive care includes things like keeping his teeth clean. you ought to brush your dog's teeth daily and have them professionally clean frequently by his medico. this might facilitate forestall dental diseases that may cause pain and heavy complications once left untreated. Lastly, you’ll wish to assist forestall parasites like fleas and ticks by systematically giving him preventative medication, all year spherical.

By staying on high of all of those things, hopefully you’ll be ready to get pleasure from your dog’s company for as long as attainable — and he’ll be additional doubtless to remain young inside.

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