Foods Not To Give To Your Dog

While it's tempting to share your food along with your fury family, you ought to bear in mind that a lot of of the human foods ar toxic for dogs. you ought to avoid ordering foods for your dog from the below menu.


Baby Food - many of us attempt to offer baby foods particularly to pups after they don't seem to be feeling well. Baby foods don't seem to be dangerous generally. However, you ought to make certain the baby food you're giving doesn't contain any onion powder. Also, baby foods don't contain all the required nutrients for a healthy dog.

Chewing Gum - Most chew gum contains a sugar known as Xylitol that has no effects on humans. However, it will cause a surge of internal secretion in dogs that drops a dog's blood glucose to dangerous level. If your dog grub great amount of gums, it will harm liver, urinary organ or worse.

Candy - several of the candies conjointly contain Xylitol, a similar sort of sugar as chew gum. So, keep candies and chew gums off from the reach of your dogs and puppies.

Chocolate - Chocolates ar thought of toxic for dogs. Chocolates contain caffein and theobromine which might be cyanogenetic for your dog. Chocolates will cause panting, vomiting, and symptom, and harm your dog's heart and nervous systems.

Corn on the cob - Dogs will eat Corn, however not the cob. Most dogs cannot digest cob simply, which might cause blockage, a really serious and presumably fatal medical condition if not treated straightaway.

Macadamia bats - nut tree bats conjointly called Australia bats will cause weakness, depression, vomiting, tremors and physiological state in dogs.

Mushrooms - Mushrooms ar tough. whereas some sorts of Mushrooms ar fine, others may be cyanogenetic for dogs. Some sorts of mushrooms will cause serious abdomen problems for dogs. As a cautious dog owner, you ought to attempt to avoid giving mushrooms to your dog.

Tobacco - ne'er offer tobacco to your dog. the consequences of plant toxin on dogs ar way more worse than humans. The cyanogenetic level of plant toxin in dogs is five milligrams of plant toxin per pound of weight. In dogs, ten mg/kg is doubtless fatal.

Cooking dough - Raw dough created with live yeast may be venturous if eaten by dogs. once raw dough is enclosed, the warm, damp atmosphere of the abdomen provides a perfect atmosphere for the yeast to multiply, leading to associate degree increasing mass of dough within the abdomen. enlargement of the abdomen could also be severe enough to decrease blood flow to the abdomen wall, leading to the death of tissue.

Rotten food -Spoiled food have mildew and different bacterium which might cause serious harm to your dog's health.


Cooked Bones - whereas raw bones ar helpful for your dog's teeth, roast bones may be dangerous for your pup. roast bones ar a lot of brittle, which suggests it's extremely possible they may splinter and cause internal injury to your dog.

Cat Food - a trifle pet-food eaten by your dog might not be a difficulty. However, you feed pet-food frequently to your dog, it will cause some health problems. Cat foods typically have higher level of macromolecule and fat that don't seem to be healthy for dogs.

Fat Trimmings - Meat fat trimmings, roast or raw will cause redness in dogs.

Liver - Feeding liver sometimes may well be OK, however don't feed an excessive amount of liver to your dog. Excessive consumption of liver will adversely have an effect on your dog's muscles and bones.

Yeast - As mentioned earlier, an excessive amount of of yeast might rupture your dog's abdomen and intestines.

Dairy product - Some dogs would be fine with dairy farm product. However, dogs typically have comparatively poor levels of tolerance to disaccharide that is found in milk. As a result, it will cause symptom and different organic process problems.


Alcohol - you ought to not even let your dog style any quite alcohol, as well as consume it in great quantity. the most ingredients employed in brewage, wine, and different alcoholic beverages ar toxics and dangerous for dogs. Alcohol will cause poor respiration, abnormal acidity, intoxication, lack of coordination and even coma and/or death for a dog.

Coffee - an excessive amount of tin can be toxic for your dog. Common signs of a occasional drug embrace projection, tremors, restlessness and fast rate. In severe cases, seizures will seem. It's attainable for dogs to collapse if high amounts of caffein are consumed.

Milk - several dogs particularly puppy drink milk. Most dogs might not expertise any problems with milk, however some dogs could also be intolerant to disaccharide found in milk. Dogs allergic to disaccharide could expertise upset tummy and different allergies once drinking milk.

Citrus Oil Extracts - Oil extracts from citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and limes will cause irritation in your dogs systema digestorium particularly if consumed in giant quantities. Dogs could expertise symptom, vomiting, drooling, and trembling.


Apple Seeds - Apple seeds contain amygdlin, a type of cyanide. It will hinder blood from carrying chemical element throughout the body. Keep your pup off from apple seeds.

Avocado - Avocado fruit, its pit and plant ar cyanogenetic for dogs. Avocado damages heart, respiratory organ and different tissue in dogs additionally to indigestion, projection and redness.

Grapes & Raisins - Dogs typically get allergies once ingestion grapes and raising. Dogs could expertise projection, fatigue, diarrhea, and presumably failure.

Onions - Onions ar dangerous for dogs. attempt to avoid feeding onions (raw or cooked) to your dog. If the dog grub alittle quantity of onions a day for several days, it should bit by bit develop anemia over weeks to months.

Chives - Chives will cause haematolysis, anemia, or haemoglobinuria in your dog. a number of the symptoms of an excessive amount of chives consumption embrace weakness, lethargy, pale mucose membranes and discoloured (red to brown) piddle.

Peaches - Dogs might not expertise any problems if they merely consume peach flesh. However, pits of peaches ar cyanogenetic to dogs. they will cause your dog to expertise expanded pupils, vertigo and excessive drooling.

Plums - Stems, leaves, and seeds of plums ar cyanogenetic for dogs. Dogs could expertise Venetian red mucose membranes, expanded pupils, problem respiration, panting, and shock.

Tomato Leaves - The leaves of a herb contain the glycoalkaloids alpha-tomatine and dehydrotomatine that ar cyanogenetic for dogs. a number of the symptoms of ingestion tomato leaves include; drooling, indigestion, diarrhea, projection and changes in his behavior. Tremors or seizures might conjointly occur if your pup has consumed an excessive amount of tomato leaves.


Raw Fish / Fish generally - Some quantity of fish in your dog's diet might not cause any problems. However, If fish ar fed solely or in high amounts to your dog may end up during a B-complex vitamin (a B vitamin) deficiency resulting in loss of appetency, seizures, and in severe cases, death.


Human vitamins - Some human vitamins may be cyanogenetic for pets, especially those who ar fat soluble like vitamins A, D and E. Also, iron tablets will harm the systema digestorium lining, and prove toxic for the liver and kidneys of your dog. So, keep your vitamins off from your dog particularly puppies.

Human Snacks - a number of the human snacks may use ingredients like onion and garlic powder, raisins, chocolate that may be cyanogenetic for dogs. attempt to offer your hirsute friend snacks and treats created only for them rather than sharing yours.

If your dog has associate degree emergency once ingestion or drinking one thing, please decision your physician straightaway.

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